Best Smartwatch Under 10000 In India [Updated]


Best Smartwatch Under 10000

Searching for the Best Smartwatch Under 10000 rupees?

It wouldn’t make sense to slide your phone in and out from your pocket in the rush area, college or in a meeting all the time to check notifications, calls, or other activities.

When you can avoid this hassle with the help of a smartwatch (smartphone companion) which can make your work more simple.

A few weeks ago accidentally I had dropped my one plus seven while I was traveling in a rushed bus that too in the rainy season and the screen of my phone was damaged entirely because I am having a nasty habit of checking my notifications all the time.😓

So after damaging my 30,000 rupees smartphone finally, I planned to buy a smartwatch in a limited budget.

After researching and analyzing customers as well as expert reviews for several days, I have found five best smartwatches under 10000 rupees with all the premium features.😍

So I thought to write a detailed review article on them! ✍️

Best Smartwatch Under 10000 Rupees Reviewed

Smartwatches are the companion for your smartphones also they are portable, which will help you to check your notifications and other activities on your wrist.⌚

It doesn’t matter if you are in a client meeting or a lecture or traveling, now you can track all your activities wherever you go.

If you are not in a mood to go in-depth details of these smartwatches and would instead go to key points with useful conclusions, then you can go through our comparison table below. 🙂

Smartwatch 1

Amazfit Pace A1612

  • 68g Weight
  • IOS & Android Operating System
  • Upto 5-10 Days Battery Life (Depends Upon Usage)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • 4GB Memory Storage Capacity

Smartwatch 2

Watch out Wearables Elegant Gen2

  • 70g Weight
  • Nucleus (Supports Android 4.3+ and iOS 7+)
  • Upto 3-5 Days Battery Life (Depends Upon Usage)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • 64MB(RAM) & 128MB(ROM)

Smartwatch 3

Huawei MES-B19

  • 18.1g Weight (Ergonomic Design)
  • Daily Activity Tracking
  • Upto 3-5 Days Of Battery Life (Depends Upon Usage)
  • Memory LCD Touchscreen (Corning Gorilla 3 Glass)
  •  Interchangeable Bands

Smartwatch 4

Amazfit Huami Bip 1608

  • 31.8g Weight
  • IOS & Android Operating System
  • Upto 15-20 Days Battery Life (Depends Upon Usage)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • Built-In GPS & Compass

Smartwatch 5

Honor Watch Magic

  • 31.8g Weight
  • IOS & Android Operating System
  • Upto 5-7 Days Battery Life (Depends Upon Usage)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • Premium Quality & Ingenious Design

These smartwatches will work as your small computer without using your phone, which supports apps like Gmail, messaging, google assistant, fitness tracking apps, fitness app, a music app like play music, Spotify and also supports maps, calculator, uber and many more.

Smartwatches are very common nowadays every other company is manufacturing a unique version.

There are tons of smartwatches available in the market with different price and features which can be easily synced with your smartphones.

Searching for the best smartwatch under 10000 rupees is not an easy job in this competitive market. So to make your work simple, I have reviewed the best smartwatches that too at an affordable price.🛒

While analyzing the smartwatches, I have also gone through the experts as well as the customer’s reviews and ratings who have recently bought these products. 

1. Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch (Black)

Amazfit Pace A1612 Review

If you are looking for the best budget smartwatch, then Huami Amazfit Pace A1612 might be the best option for you. Amazfit is from huami, one of the large companies manufactures wearable devices globally and sold over 50 million units.

Huami manufactures activity trackers under Amazfit are bip, arc, pace, moonbeam and equator. MI is one the investor of huami. 

Amazefit is always ready to help you to get almost all the benefits from your smartwatch without compromising the style or performance with their activity tracker, which tracks your activities effortlessly and deliver you the best experience.  

Pace A1612 is designed simple, instead of having a fancy look, but it is a perfect combination of comfort, technology, and style. The shiny ceramic bezel is durable, and scratch-resistant makes watch look premium with an attractive always on 1.34 inch trans reflective touch screen LCD which has customizable watch faces that will help you to get better visibility, even if you are playing or traveling in bright sunlight.

Pace A1612 delivers some of the best features and to make it more simple for you. I am writing down the features below. 

It has a sports mode feature for your indoor/ outdoor running, biking, trail run, walk, climbing and other activities. If you love to stay fit and run daily then Pac A1612 will help you to track your route and distance, speed, calories, pace, time, moving pace as well as speed and more to check your performance so that you can improve yourself daily with this it also comes with sleep monitor (sleep tracker). 

Everyone loves to stay motivated with their favorite music while running, gymming, biking, climbing or while performing other activities, but carrying our phone along with us is very much distracting but Pace A1612 has the feature of ‘phone-free music’ with the help of Bluetooth connection you can connect your smartwatch to your wireless headphones or earbuds and continue with your favorite loaded songs on your internal storage of the smartwatch. 

It comes with inbuilt GPS (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, ambient) sensors to track your every move, distance and routes easily. It has a heart rate monitor, which will give you the real-time optical heart rate updates every time. 

The good thing here is, now you don’t have to check your phone every time for notifications because Pace A1612 has notification feature, you will receive all your notifications & vibration alerts for messages, emails, incoming calls, weather forecasts, social media, and many other apps right on your wrist smartwatch. 

In addition to that, Pace 1612 has 4 GB of inbuilt storage with 512 MB ram for the best performance and supports on both the operating systems IOS and Android with 4-5 days of battery backup in normal usage. The smartwatch can be controlled by an amazfit app which is compatible with both Android and IOS along with this, and it is dust and water-resistant best for all weathers. 


  • Touch is quite responsive and UI is great.
  • The bezel is ceramic and glass got Corning Gorilla glass protection.
  • Setup is quick and very easy.
  • This watch gets updated regularly.
  • Very much comfortable to wear.


  • The price might be a lot for some.
  • No speakers.


2. Watch out Wearables Elegant Gen2 Desert Storm Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Brown Leather)

Watch out Wearables Elegant Gen2 Review

While other companies are trying to make, their smartwatches advance in the market. Watch wearable is keeping things simple for the people who like the clean, sleek, and simple design and at a low price.

If you are an office guy and looking for the professional leather classic smartwatch in the budget, then this might be the best option. It comes with two colors black storm and desert storm, and both look elegant and premium for the price.

Gen 2 is designed in such a way that it suits and fit on any wrist of men as well as women with 1.3 inches of high-resolution radian IPS screen size which makes it more visible and you will be getting 2 options for display function are ‘gravitational sensor’ (lift your wrist up to light up the screen) and ‘continuous on’ (screen on for max 1 min), simple and easy to use. Along with this, they have customized multiple watch faces, and you can download many pre-designed watch faces from their app. 

The best part that I loved the most is, watch out is an Indian brand and provides all the premium features at an affordable rate. If you are still confused by the size of the dial then take a Jim jam biscuit and keep it on your wrist, it would match the size of the watch out gen two dials. 

Let’s look at its features, it comes with multi-sports (running, badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc.) features and you can track your steps, distance, time, and more to monitor your progress and set your personal goals to stay fit. Along with this, you can not only track your real-time heart rate updates continuously with the heart rate monitor but also you can track calorie consumption and even monitor your sleep.

Now you don’t have to miss your calls or notifications even though you are in a rushed place. Watch out gen 2 comes with an inbuilt mic & speaker so that you won’t miss any calls from your boss or family, and it comes with a voice command as it is a quick way to call or message anyone by just dictating them “ send a message to…” or “send an email to…” without touching the screen. Isn’t It Cool, huh?. 

Stop checking your phone in every minute for notifications because you will receive an alert on your smartwatch screen along with this you can also control your music and camera easily. In addition to that, it has an average battery backup of 2 days on a full charge.

It comes with 64MB (Ram) 128MB (ROM) and water resistant with changeable bands as per your choice. Watch out gen 2 is compatible with Android as well as IOS and supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has an anti-lost system.


  • Fast charging & quite impressive battery backup
  • Premium look & lightweight
  • Customer service is quite good
  • Plenty of features
  • Quality of leather strap is quite nice


  • IOS users might face few issues in compatibility.



3. Huawei MES-B19

Huawei MES-B19 Review

The next in our list is Huawei-B19. After several years I am looking at Huawei MES-B19 that is more suitable for people who remain active and enjoys the sports a lot. I am happy to see that Huawei is still following a minimal and straightforward design.

There is nothing that will stop any consumer from buying it. I am not much involved in sports than to this watch delivers excellent features under 8000 rupees with a standard design.

The built quality is very much durable and molded with a shiny silver metal case which makes it look premium and suits on any wrist with its standard dial size. Now wear it on any occasion you want by just replacing the bands of the watch as per your choice. To be honest, I liked the orange band. 🙂

Now coming to my most loving part of Huawei MES-B19 is undoubtedly the screen, it has LCD ‘always on’  touchscreen with corning gorilla glass three which offers exceptional performance, scratch resistance, diminishes the scratch visibility and maintains the strength even though scratches occur.

It has plenty of sports mode, where you can track your workout such as swimming, treadmill, running, cycling and more. When your heart rate reaches a specific high threshold, automatically watch will start vibrating to alert you to stop overtraining. 

Along with this, you can monitor your real-time heart rate with all-day heart rate monitoring feature and also indicates clearly whether you are doing aerobic or fat burning exercises by heart rate intensity zones.

The unique part about Huawei MES-B19 is, you will get a personal running mini coach in your smartwatch where it will be showing you the real-time heart rate alerts, running speed up/down, distance alerts.

Also, you can create your training/ running plan to achieve the targeted goal by setting up distance, training frequency according to your fitness level to complete your goals on time.

In addition to that, you will be receiving notifications for your incoming calls, messages from your selected favorite apps and you can also set your alarm where your watch will be vibrating on the right time without disturbing others.

Along with this all, you can track your sleep with the help of sleep monitoring feature with a decent battery which lasts long upto 4-5 days in my experience. 

At last, my biggest issue with this smartwatch is related to the simple things like stopwatch and timer both are not available in this smartwatch and you have to control your music and alarm with your smartphone. 


  • Battery life is quite impressive
  • Waterproof
  • The continuous Heart rate monitor is accurate most of the time.
  • Inactivity reminder. Remind you to move around after one-hour inactivity.


  • Can’t control the music player from the watch.
  • You can only reject the call but sadly you can’t accept the call from the watch.
  • Too few digital watch face to chose from & Funky UI



4. Amazfit Huami Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch A1608 (Cloud White)

Amazfit Huami Bip Review

Another smartwatch from huami is Amazfit Bip A1608. It is the latest model from huami. Now stay updated with its four different colors onyx black, cloud white, kokoda green,and cinnabar red with clean and easy to use interface.

But, I loved the cloud white color because it looks almost similar to my cousin’s white apple watch. It is a perfect smartwatch for your daily use to track all your activities, the best premium smartwatch you can buy under 6000 rupees.

The watch is wholly slim, and the curved glass makes it look more professional as well as the strap is very durable, extremely lightweight, good quality, soft and can be replaced easily. Along with all this, it is compact and super lightweight just (33g), which makes it very comfortable to wear for the whole day. All in all amazfit bip A1608 carrying a good design and build quality as well.

It comes with a square display, and bright backlit which is adjustable and 1.28 trans-reflective AMOLED screen and sleek display will deliver you the bright clear output with super responsive and excellent readability especially in sunlight also there are tons of watch faces available and you can download them from the amazfit app if you are not satisfied with inbuilt watch faces.

Now you don’t have to wake up your screen all the time because this watch has ‘always-on display and shows you the date, time, weather, steps and much more. 

Amazfit Bip A1608 has multisport tracking system with 4 modes walking, running, cycling, treadmill as they are tracked through heart rate sensor and GPS both shows accurate data whereas GPS tracks your distance as well as speed and heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate continuously and the best part I liked the most is that you can easily export all your data to your phone or mail without any hassle.

Along with this, you can track your sleep such as its duration, deep or light sleep, awake time with the help of sleep monitor on your smartwatch.

There are some terrible things that I don’t like about amazfit bip A1608 is, we cannot change, play or pause the music, and there is no option to set the time to 12 hr format except few watch faces.

For those who are looking for some extra features, let me tell you that it has three options for the main menu, notification, and DND other than this you will be getting the forecast, alarm, timer, weather, compass, settings and more. Also, it has an internal memory to store your music and apps. 

You will be receiving notifications for your text messages, social media, emails on your display, but sadly, you cannot reply to those notifications.

You can connect it with both the operating systems Android as well as IOS with the battery backup of more than 10 to 15 days, which is pretty long. It can be used in any environment because of its waterproof and dustproof technology.

All in all, it is quite an impressive smartwatch, if you are looking for your daily use as well as fitness smartwatch under 7000 rupees then you should definitely go with Amazfit Bip 1608. 


  • Stylish & Lightweight
  • Reflective Screen
  • MI fit app compatibility
  • Takes only 60 minutes to charge the device from 0 – 100%
  • Always-ON Screen with Adjustable Brightness.
  • The Strap is extremely comfortable and also easily replaceable.
  • It has tons of Watch faces and 3rd party side-loading is also possible via app or directly via PC.


  • Contrast is low and at day time looks bit very dull
  • Updates are not very frequent
  • Can’t use this while Swimming.


5. Honor Watch Magic (Moonlight Silver)

Honor Watch Magic Review

The last watch on the list is from the well-known manufacturer named as Honor. We all know that honor is ruling the market by selling top quality smartphones with all the premium features at an affordable budget.

So here we have smartwatch manufactured by the same company is ‘Honor Watch Magic.’ If you are an ‘Honor’ brand lover or using its smartphone, then you can’t miss it.

Starting, the premium build quality is very much satisfying, and the sleek and slim design makes it more comfortable as well as durable for your daily life.

There are two color variants available moonlight silver and lava black, and it’s detailed, textured double-sided strap makes the watch stand out from its competition, the Italian leather on the front side gives a premium look and has silicon rubber on the backside, the sweat-proof strap will surely help in your workout. 

It doesn’t matter if you are going to the gym, office or casual party as it is sleek as well as flexible, that you can wear it on every occasion also you can change your straps according to your choice.

Now enjoy crystal clear visual experience with 1.2 inches AMOLED HD touchscreen with the resolution of 390×390 along with this, it is super responsive and offers excellent readability in bright sunlight and in the night too, it adapts the light and adjusts the screen brightness automatically. 

Honor watch magic supports indoor as well as outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, trekking, running, walking, and more.

Start leading a healthy lifestyle with the inbuilt fitness mentor on your watch which will help you to track your real-time workout like distance, speed, altitude, velocity, pressure, steps, more with real-time heart rate as well as sleep monitor to stay fit and active.

The watch comes with GPS to provide accurate location information which supports three satellite positioning system (Glonass, Gps, Galileo).

Now stay in touch with your friends, family, and office with on-screen notification alerts for calls, emails, messages, social media, and more. It has a powerful and long-lasting battery which delivers you the best experience with top-performing and high-quality chipset. 

All in all honor did a good job in creating a smartwatch with almost all the premium features and superior build quality that too at an affordable price.


  • Impressive battery backup.
  • Great display.
  • The HR monitor is excellent.
  • Screen visibility in sun and in dark is amazing it auto adapts to light condition.
  • Standard/regular sized good quality rubber strap.


  • Supports only 7-8 watch face at this point of time.
  • You cannot download third party faces and apps.


How To Select The Right Smartwatch In Limited Budget

Best Smartwatches In India


Why compatibility is so important while buying a smartwatch? Let’s assume that you have purchased an Apple smartwatch by spending almost half of your salary and you are using an android device, sadly your apple smartwatch will not be able to connect to your android device as it is only compatible with IOS devices.

So, at last, the only way left is, you have to buy IOS device which will be compatible with your IOS smartwatch. 

But, on the other side, we have android smartwatches which can easily connect to any android or IOS devices, there is so such limitations.

Connections are mainly made via Bluetooth, but the compatibility is the main thing which depends upon the devices. So in the above list of best smartwatches, almost all the watches are compatible with android as well as IOS, you should always check before buying.


Here is the another most needed feature that every user wants on their smartwatches. I think without this feature smartwatches are incomplete.

If you want to get rid of the hassle of checking your phone all the time from your pocket to check notifications, then you should always check the notification feature like alerts for calls, messages, social media, fitness and more on before buying a smartwatch. 


Many people don’t care about the interior features and buy the smartwatch by looking at its exterior color and design. According to me, styling, as well as the internal features of the smartwatch are important. So you should always look for both before buying a smartwatch.

Make sure the smartwatch you are buying should have changeable straps(belts) so that you can stay updated and change your look for every different occasion. Also, there are some smartwatches which look amazing on men as well as women on every occasion just like apple smartwatch. 

Health Tracking

Most of the fitness lovers buy the smartwatch only for the fitness tracker. The watches I have listed above, almost all have the fitness tracker with GPS to track your heart rate, calories, steps, running distance, steps, and many more.

Some watches don’t have inbuilt fitness tracker so that you have to download it, but I have made this simple for you all with listing the best all-rounder smartwatches in India. 

Answering Calls

Different smartwatches respond differently to calls. Some of them have the mic and speaker or Bluetooth headphones, which will be activated while the conversation on calls.

Accepting and declining the calls can be quickly done on your smartwatch screen. 

Battery Life

The other most important thing you should consider before buying a smartwatch is battery life. You should always confirm that if the smartwatch will last long for the whole day and if not, then how much?

I feel that any smartwatch battery should last a minimum of two days. Coming towards the charging time, If your smartwatch takes more load, then it’s not a good sign just like ordinary fast charging smartphones, our smartwatches should be able to charge faster.  

FAQ’s On Smartwatches

1. What are the advantages of having a smartwatch?

  • Your best travel friend right on your wrist
  • Smartwatch makes it easy to find a phone, key or device
  • Work as a great fitness tracker
  • Check your notifications anytime without touching your phone
  • Stay connected while doing any activities
  • Receive calls instantly
  • Smartwatch keeps you connected longer than your smartphone
  • Looks Amazing as it is the latest & hottest technology
  • They have a lot more functionalities

2. How to choose the right smartwatch for you?

  • Display of the watch
  • Interface
  • Styling
  • Notification feature
  • Apps which can be used
  • Battery Life
  • Heart rate & GPS monitor
  • Price

3. Do smartwatches use wifi?

Of course, the Wi-Fi connection is necessary for any smartwatch to download its update or any other applications designed for the watch.

4. Can we use the smartwatch without a phone?

Smartwatches are designed in a method which needs to work with a phone. There are some smartwatches that can work on their own, but most of them will need a phone.

5. Do smartwatches use data plan?

Most of the new buyer’s who are buying a smartwatch for the first time are confused with this question. So here is the good news for them. Majority of the smartwatches do not require a data plan. It’s not that they do not have connectivity, they are depended on your own smartwatch to do it. (Smartwatch & smartphones are synced to each other).

6. Smartwatches that can work without a smartphone?

Some of the best smartwatches that can work without a smartphone:

  • Apple watch series 3
  • Samsung Gear 3 frontier
  • Huawei Watch 2
  • Samsung Gear 2
  • LG watch sport
  • ZTE quartz

Few Words Before Wrapping Up

Put, smartwatches are built for people who want to use them.

All in all, it is quite confusing to choose the best smartwatch under 10000 for yourself that too in this competitive market where every other company is producing a new smartwatch.

The above list of the best smartwatches makes it easier to sort out your perfect model (according to your requirements).

As per our choice, Amazfit Pace A1612 has stolen our hearts.

Which one did you choose? Did we miss any details? Share your ideas in our comment section. We will be happy to clear your doubts. 🙂

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